Who’s Who?


Gary gots you covered for top trends. No need to look elsewhere for what hot cuzz i been on fire lately. I like alot of stuff but i just moved into my new pad and since it’s my first home i’m gonna hook you up on the latest and greatest things to do(that i did) when your fresh into a new spot.

I may be new to Ohio but I love Cleveland and the fresh powder that drops every year. This is my home. I am going to spread the love i have so be on the lookout for what i share cuzz it’s nothing but gold.

Anyway, I like to blog but school has me tied up so i’ll be on as much as i can. I’m trying my hand at making blog post professionally so i do more grammar checking and proof reading on my post. I also try to add links where i can. Best to bookmark me and check what’s new on the regular cuzz i will be posting at least once a month. Hit me up if you what the deets on anything i post. Peace!